WCSPA Booster Club

The WCSPA Booster Club is an organization established to help promote WCSPA students and their activities. They assist staff in a variety of ways to help serve the production needs and operational concerns of the WCSPA program.

Some of these activities include fundraising, ushering shows, funding annual scholarships for graduating seniors, and providing food for after-school rehearsals.  Booster membership is free and completely voluntary. Anyone is welcome to attend any of the meetings! The more the merrier. Booster Club Meeting dates and times can be found below. If you would like further information or have questions or suggestions, please contact a board member below.

*Meetings will take place on the last Monday of each month.

The meetings take place in the Little Theatre at Sterling Heights High School. It is best to enter through the center doors at the front of the building (Door #40). The Little Theatre is the first room on the right.

2020-2021 Leadership:

President/Level 4 Rep.– Kimmie Williams 
Vice President/Level 3 Rep– Dawn Lyons 
Treasurer/Level 3 Rep.– Denise Kreibich
Secretary/Level 4 Rep– Michele Miller
Trustee/Level 2 Rep. – Michelle Buccilli
Trustee/Level 1 Rep. – Trisha Hyatt 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tech Week refers to the week leading up to the opening of a show. During this time, we combine all of the technical elements of the show (the scenery, lights, costumes, sound, musicians, etc.), along with the performers in the theatre for the very first time.

These rehearsals (usually Monday-Thursday) are by far the most important, complex and stressful days involved with any show. The tech rehearsals are compressed into the shortest amount of time possible to get the show ready for a public performance.

Tech week rehearsals after school go from 3-9 PM for plays and 3-10PM for musicals. Performances are usually on Friday and Saturday. Call time on the day of a show is generally 5:30PM. Night shows typically start at 7:30PM. Transportation to and from these rehearsals and shows is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents. Students are always excused on-time at the end of the scheduled rehearsal.

Attendance at tech rehearsals is mandatory for all cast and crew, and can only be excused in the most extreme circumstances and with advance notice. These rehearsals are an integral part of the student’s training as well as an academic requirement for the course.

All tech weeks are scheduled at the beginning of each year to help students and parents plan accordingly.

Dinner is provided free of charge for the students. Meals are prepared and served by district workers along with volunteer parents from our Booster Club.

Shop calls refer to the time after school when we build and paint the scenery, sew the costumes and work on other technical areas of the shows.

Shop calls are voluntary and usually run from 3-6 PM. Students sign-up in advance for the days they are willing to come. When we get closer to a ‘tech week’, the hours extend until 7 or 8PM.

Shop calls offer students hands-on training, social engagement with the upper level students, one-on-one instruction with the faculty, and most importantly, it gives students ownership in the productions they are actively building.

The Ad Campaign is the name given to the month and a half in which we solicit advertisements from businesses.

The “Ad Book” is a season program that is handed out at each of our performances; it contains photos, student biographies and advertisements. In order to pay for the printing of our programs and to raise additional funds, students and parents alike are asked to solicit advertising from local businesses.

All the money earned from the Ad Campaign in spent in that school year and is used to purchase additional supplies for productions. “Ad Slams” refer to days when students from WCSPA go out together in small groups to try and sell ads after school. Ad Slams are optional.

Forms can be downloaded from our website. The Ad Campaign is our one and only fundraiser of the year.

Although we do not require a lot of out-of-school time, there are some specific days that are required and are graded. This depends on your son/daughter’s level.

Level One students are required to attend Shakespeare Night as well as the Tech Week for their musical. Shakespeare Night is always in November and the Level One musical is in March. See the calendar for exact dates.

Level 2 must take part in at least two tech weeks, Level 3 & 4 (three tech weeks). In addition to the required shows mentioned, students may volunteer to work on crew for any show. If a student volunteers and is selected, then they would also have to attend the tech week for that show as well.

Level One meets for the first two hours of the school day. Typically, Level One is divided into four smaller groups. Each of the groups sees two of the four WCSPA teachers in a day on a rotating schedule. When rehearsing for a show the class may be subdivided differently depending on the needs of the show. The student grade from WCSPA is a combination of all 4 teachers. This grade is worth twice as much as a regular class, since the class is twice as long.

Levels 2-4 meet for the last two hours of the school day. The students are grouped in various ways and those groups rotate among the various staff. Each Level has a unique curriculum. When working on a production, the classes will be divided differently depending on the size and needs of the show.
Further, grading in the upper levels varies by quarter.

*Occasionally, students in all levels will be taught by visiting guest artists in addition to faculty.

A studio show refers to any show we produce in a location other than the Big Theatre (PAC). Usually studio shows take place in our “Little Theatre” at SHHS.
The only studio show Level One will participate in is their Shakespeare Night. Performing in Shakespeare Night is required for all Level One students. Attendance is free for Shakespeare Night. Shows typically begin at 7:00 PM in the Little Theatre.

Questions regarding Schoology and parent access codes can be directed to Mr. Sharrow,

Students with questions regarding WebEx access should reach out to Mr. Sharrow directly.

Teachers are available for questions by email and phone call at the contacts listed on the staff page and are available
for office hour conferences by appointment Monday-Thursday, 12:30-2:30PM.