Erik Hart

Mr. Erik Hart

Artistic Director

In his newly appointed role as the artistic director, Mr. Hart brings more than two decades of experience as a WCSPA teacher and hundreds of professional connections with theatre educators from all over the state as a former chapter director for the Michigan Thespians organization. In his time with WCSPA, Mr. Hart has directed a number of mainstage shows, taught a wide variety of content from technical theatre to performance, and has served in numerous positions with the Michigan Educational Theatre Association, currently serving as the director for Thespian Troupe 1000 and as the scholarship coordinator of the most successful theatre scholarship program of its kind in the nation.

Nick Osenberg

Mr. Nick Osenberg

Technical Theatre

Mr. Osenberg serves as the technical theatre teacher, giving students the fundamental skills they need to succeed in areas of tech theatre such as perspective drawing, scenic modeling, lighting design, and stage management. He also oversees the box office and online ticketing programs.

Cori Callahan

Mrs. Cori Callahan


Mrs. Cori is responsible for dance education and choreography, teaching inexperienced students the fundamentals of ballet and jazz and enriching the skills of seasoned dancers with her professional experience and providing mentorship opportunities as assistant choreographers and dance captains. She also oversees marketing and sponsorship.

Mark Sharrow

Mr. Mark Sharrow

Costumes and Drama

Mr. Sharrow serves as the supervisor of the costume shop, including makeup and wigs. He also teaches voice and movement for the actor, development of drama, basic sewing, textiles, and costume construction.

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Dr. Sloane Artis

Musical Theatre

WCSPA is pleased to welcome its first full time musical director and musical theatre teacher. Dr. Artis is responsible for the musical direction of WCSPA shows as well as the musical theatre education of our students.

Mr. Greg Bachinski

WCSPA and Performing Arts Center Technical Director

Greg serves as the technical director of the Performing Arts Center, scheduling and staffing events and rentals, working closely with teachers and coaches across the district to coordinate the PAC calendar. He also works as the scene shop supervisor and technical director for the WCSPA program, ensuring that best practices and safety protocols are taught to all students and rigorously upheld.