Students receive a classical dance education, beginning with the fundamentals of ballet and jazz while conditioning their bodies for the rigor and athleticism required by dance class.

Students are required to adhere to dress code standards for dance class and rehearsals. The dress code promotes discipline and professionalism and reflects industry standards and best practices.

In subsequent years of study, students will gain exposure and training in tap, modern, contemporary, and specialty styles as they relate to musical theatre and the needs of the current season.


Dance class in the upper levels of the program also includes formal training on improvisation techniques, the creative process and choreography creation.

Dance Curriculum

Level 1

  • Fundamentals of Ballet Technique
  • Fundamentals of Jazz Technique
  • Conditioning and Strength Training
  • Renaissance Dance History
  • Renaissance choreography and court dancing

Level 2-4

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Modern styles including but not limited to:
    • Hip Hop
    • Lyrical
    • Contemporary
  • Conditioning and Strength Training
  • Improvisation
  • Partner and social dance
  • The Choreography Process and Creation
  • History of Dance Styles

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