Late Auditions for 2023-2024

LATE APPLICATIONS accepted now through Sunday, March 26th

Step 1: Get Ready to Audition

Students and guardians should read through the Audition Process below and rehearse/practice their audition before submission.


Select and prepare a monologue from any published play of their choice or use the one provided below. Please keep the monologue to around 1 minute in length.

Students are encouraged to memorize their monologue (it’ll enhance acting and interpretation), but it is not required.

Click Here for Audition Monologues


Perform a 1-minute solo in any dance style OR perform the dance combination taught below.

Make sure the whole body is visible throughout the video.

When you film, play the music on a separate device either behind you or next to you. Please do not put in headphones/earbuds/Airpods and sing along.

Click here to learn Dance Combination

Click here to play the Music for Dance Combination


Sing along to the backup track for the song, “Put On a Happy Face.”

Our music director has provided a track with singing along to the piano. This guided vocal is intended to help you rehearse.

When you film, play the audition backup track on a separate device either behind you or next to you. Please do not put in headphones/earbuds/Airpods–we need to the hear the music and your voice together.

You do not need to memorize the song. You can have the music in your hand while singing.

Click Here to Download Put On a Happy Face sheet music

Click here for the Guided Vocal Track with Music

Click Here to Download the Audition backup track

Step 2: Complete Application Form

Please fill out our audition application (click here). There will be a section for your audition videos in the application. You will be submitting the acting, dancing, singing via Flipgrid links at the end of the application.



Film in a quiet area of your house. Closets are great filming locations.

Film with light shining on your face. The more natural the light, the better. If you cannot use natural light, put a lamp in front of you, so it shines on your face.

Film with your phone in landscape mode, i.e., on its side, not selfie mode.

Questions or Issues:
If you have any issues or questions throughout the audition process, please contact Mr. Osenberg at or 586-825-2525 x 6.

Admission Decisions

Admission decisions will be made just before Spring Break. Students will be emailed whether or not they were accepted.

Counselors will be provided a list of all students who were accepted for next year. Accepted students should talk with their high school counselor about changing their schedules.

Students are encouraged to re-audition the following year if they are declined admission. WCSPA has more applicants than spots available.

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