Thespy Gala

Our Mainstage Season kicked off with a celebration of WCSPA and the grand opening of our newly renovated Jon Gillespie Studio Theatre. Get dressed up for the red carpet and join us for a formal Gala complete with photo ops, refreshments, and entertainment for a celebration of all aspects of theatre.

WCSPA has the largest secondary theatre program in the state, and each year our students have competed and showcased their individual work and talent in a competition known as The Thespys. The Gala begins with students presenting their work on various technical, design, and construction projects.  You will be able to choose areas of your interest, mingle with students, and ask questions for a backstage pass into what happens ‘behind the scenes’ to make WCSPA shows happen.  We will then move into the theatre for an evening of acting, singing, and dancing; with selections from a variety of plays and musicals that are sure to delight.

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